About me

About me

Hello and welcome to my little talking-cat site. Although I dont consider myself a creative person I have  wanted to learn how to put together my own website for some time now.The word code scares me as im not very technical but Luckily I found a website that lets you put together your own pages in a easy way. So here is my very first website made by ME! im so excited as its an achievment (I still cannot set my centrel heating to come on by its self). My name is Sandy by the way.

So why do I want to put a website together for talking-cats? well, for many years I have owned cats. Each one of them has there own little personality and voice. One day when I was playing with my bengal cat Chester I realised that he was trying to tell me something not through actually talking but his body language. I started to watch him carfully and found that when he ate certain food he would rub himself on one particular side, lay and lick that side for hours. As I was starting to get concerned I thought It would be a good Idea to take Chester to the Vets to see if he may have something wrong with him.The Vet  gave Chester a thorough check over and felt his abdomine,and concluded that the food was causing him discomfort and advised me to not feed him it for a while. I did this by giving Chester a slightly differentfood advised by the vet which worked out great.

After this I started to paymore attention to the things Chester did in his every day life from eatting to playing and even where he was sleeping  (noticing that certain texture fabrics gave him more comfort).

Anywoos, as you can see Im a bit of a rambler as many peolple tell me. I just wanted to introduce my website about talking-cats. If you have any stories or observations about your cat please drop me a line as i'd love to hear from you.

Sandy x

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